Sensory Motor Body Therapy according to Dr. Pohl
Sensory Motor Body Therapy
according to Dr. Pohl®
Sensomotorische Körpertherapie nach Dr. Pohl
Sensomotorische Körpertherapie
nach Dr. Pohl®

Therapy against pain without drugs

In the following you will find an article about the Sensory Motor Bodytherapy according Dr. Pohl, first the abstract in HTML, then the full text in PDF.

Therapy against pain without drugs

Summary: This article is concerned with chronic pain experienced in the body's "movement apparatus". Following the portrayal of several typical conditions, the conventional medicinal explanations for their origins will be refuted. It is demonstrated that the true cause of chronic pain lies in the over tense, permanently contracted muscles. Since the contraction of the affected muscles is controlled by unconsciously operating parts of the brain, the tension cannot be released purely by conscious means. However, methods of body therapy are described here with which one can learn to prevent the unconscious tension of our muscles, leading to the complete relief of pain. This, in turn, has a positive effect on the psychological well-being.

pdfTherapy against pain without drugs

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